The Orthodox Community of the Transfiguration of Christ is financially independent. Our activities are funded exclusively through the generosity of members and supporters of our community. We receive no financial support from the Archdiocese, the State of Bavaria, or the German Federal Government (i.e. we receive no income derived from Church Tax).

Our basic operating costs include the rent of our chapel, services (water, heat, electricity), consumables for the liturgy (wheat, wine, oils, candles, charcoal, incense), groceries for our ministries of hospitality, and office and cleaning supplies. These expenses currently total approximately €750 per month.

We also seek to maintain and beautify our liturgical space and the divine services, and the community's board keeps up to date a Wish List of one-off purchases, including liturgical objects, vestments, and icons.

We would therefore greatly appreciate your financial support! Regular donations (even if small) best enable responsible financial planning but occassional donations (including those designated for purposes) are, of course, most welcome!

You can make a regular or one-off donation to our community via the Donorbox widget on this page. You can also make a donation directly to our bank account.

Bank Account

Account Name: Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde Verklärung Christi Regensburg

IBAN: DE51 7505 0000 0027 7978 28

Bank: Sparkasse Regensburg